This is the website of the Chatfield Senior High School girls lacrosse booster club in Littleton, Colorado.

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King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program


To set up your account with King Soopers, visit their website by clicking above link


Support you player and Chatfield Girls Lacrosse through the

King Soopers or City Market Community Rewards Program


New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information;

 a valid email address and a Sooper Card or Alt ID (like your phone number).

  • Select Chatfield Girls Lacrosse as the Organization Name.


  • King Soopers pays participating non-profit organizations a floating percentage each quarter, which includes Chatfield Girls Lacrosse.


  • The more members and supporters that we have signup who are shopping at King Soopers, the higher our Kings Sooper percentage will be.


  • Due to privacy laws, King Soopers cannot share spending details.  So every quarter, CSH Girls Lacrosse will get a lump sum of cash with no individual summary.  CSH Girls lacrosse will send a quarterly reminder email to apply your contribution. You will be responsible for claiming your funds each quarter.


  • Families and supporters that would like to fundraise for your player must send in a screenshot of their contribution report located on their King Soopers Community Rewards account.  You can access your account either through the King Soopers website, or through their app on your phone or device.  



  • Unclaimed funds each quarter will not be put toward players accounts but will then be put into the team's booster account to assist with in-season costs.


  • Funds raised are non-transferable. Claimed but unused funds will roll into the booster club account with graduation or if the player no longer plays lacrosse.

Please contact if you have any questions