This is the website of the Chatfield Senior High School girls lacrosse booster club in Littleton, Colorado.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between the athletic fee charged by Jeffco Public Schools, and the player dues charged by Chatfield Girls Lacrosse?

Answer: Jeffco Public Schools charges $175 per athlete per sport per season, and requires that payment with the athletic packet submitted to the athletic secretary who then gives the athlete a pink slip so she can participate in tryouts.  I don't know exactly what expenses the school district covers with that money, but I do know the school district pays for coaches' compensation, game facilities, referees' compensation, some bus transportation to and from games, and a budget of "equipment and supplies" money back to the high school for all sports.
Girls lacrosse's fraction of the "equipment and supplies" budget given back to Chatfield is insufficient to cover the expenses of the program, and that's why the booster club exists (the same is true for all other sports at Chatfield).  The purposes of the booster club are to supplement the funding given to the program by the school district, to procure and manage equipment used by the program, and to implement "programming" e.g. scoring, statistics, and timing at games, offseason clinics, banquets for the team, etc.

Our booster club chooses to ask for "player dues" you may supplement your "players due" through Lax Credits earned through  fundraising and the King Soopers Card. (we do have some fundraiser - a summer lacrosse clinic for elementary-school girls and Aramark).  Our books are open and we have charts showing how our budget is spent.  The biggest expenses are saving for new uniforms bought every few years, and renting the Foothills Sports Arena for tryouts.  For a more detailed breakdown of the booster club's annual expenses please see the Handouts from the Kickoff Event on the Documents page of our website, under Meeting Minutes 2017 Season  Kickoff Event.